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Ancient egyptian Art -Antike Aegyptische Kunst - arte egiziana antica

Egyptian shawabty




painting on copper

painting on copper

Saint Catherine of Alexandria - Venetian Renaissance ?


Saint Catherine of Alexandria

S. Caterina di Alessandria

Renaissance countess 1518

Rainessance countess Magdalena Val di Non

Wappen - Stemma - coat of arms


Coat of arms 16th century

Jesus at the Synedrion german canvas 17th century

more details

From the Fischburg S. Christina Val Gardena

paintings from the school of Brixen 16th century (Rasmo)

Saint Luke - Apostel Lukas - San Luca apostolo

Saint Philip - Apostel Philipp - San Filippo apostolo

ecce homo

ecce homo

ecce homo oil paint on canvas 700

San Antonio  - Hl Antonius

*S. Antony, painted on canvas 700 northern Italy

Maria, S. Maria Maddalena, S. Giovanni

*Painted on wood (700 northern Italy) ca 90 cm

Anna Caterina di Gonzaga

Prelato 700

*Portait of Anna Katharina of Gonzaga-Mantua

Born 1566 - Founder of the Cloister of the Servitinnen in Innsbruck 1606 - died. 8.8.1621

*Portait of Bishop JOHANN VIII. Franz von Khuen

JOHANN VIII. Franz von Khuen: Fürstbischof von Brixen, geb. 12.8. 1649 zu Hall gest. 3.4. 1702 zu Brixen

neoclassical early 1800

Ritratto di donna a carboncino



neoclassical late 1800


Venus, Venere

Venere, Venus

tyrolean art

17th century

Saint peter and Paul

18th century

Saint Joseph - Hl. Joseph - San Giuseppe

Maonna Lukas Cranach


Madonna after Lucas Cranach

19th century

Painted terracotta - Tyrolean Family - Tirolerstube - scena familiare tirolese

a tyrolean family - painted terracotta


19th century


Madonna litho

Precious 19th century painting after Defregger on natural canvas - woven by caterpillars. This is a traditional technique from the Pustertal. Very rare examples of this art are kept in some of the tyrolean museums (more information - in German or here in Ladin: La telpa dl ciarijé or here in Italian: La tignola tessitrice e le sue tele).

*Madonna 33 x 44 cm

19th century

jägersfrau - cacciatrice

jäger - cacciatore

Sitzende Dame - SIgnora in nero seduta

Alte mit glass Wein - vecchia con vino rosso - Old lady with glass of red wine


Andreas Roth (1872-1949) was born in Germany in 1872. Due to the rise of Hitler, he left his native land in the mid-1930s and immigrated to Los Angeles. He was active there as an artist until his demise on December 5, 1949. Works held: Orange County (CA) Museum

Andreas Roth: the Brenta Group near Madonna di Campiglio

Andreas Roth 1905 44 x 67 cm

The Brenta range by Andreas Roth 1905 44 x 67 cm


Pinggera Dolomites

*Dolomites (Brenta) 1930 ca signed

Pinggera born August 5, 1893 60x80 cm

sciatore con Dio Padre - Schifahrer mit Herrgott

Wappen Prinz Peter Petrovitsch Njegosch - stemma Principe Petrovitsch Njegosch fratello della Regina Elena di Montenegro Savoia

Coat of arms of Prince Peter Petrowitsch Njegosch

youngest brother of Queen Elena of Savoia

born in Cetinje Montenegro 10.10.1889,

died in Meran (Italy) 7.5.1932


Art in Iron

Gothic - gotisch - gotica 1400

Recent acquisitions

Last Supper - Ultima Cena - Letztes Abendmahl

Bronze Tyrolese women carrying a backpack, matchholder - Tirolerin mit Kraxe

miniature handcarved Last Supper

Bronze Tyrolese women carrying a backpack, matchholder

12.5 cm alabaster base included

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