Tessa Moroder


Home Address                                                                       E-mail Address

Via Montello 22                                                                       tessamoroder@hotmail.com

39100 Bolzano, Italy



Objective working in the field of cinema and television production




Degree in economics, statistics and social studies                       Graduation July 2005

Exchange Program Cologne, Germany                          February-August 2003

Scientific High School, Bolzano - Italy                           Graduation 2000

Technical High School, St. Cloud MN USA                              Graduation 1999


Skills Summary:


- great organizational, analytical and problem solving abilities

- excellent interpersonal and team skills

- excellent communication skills in 3 languages: Italian, English and German

- very good computer skills: Windows XP and Mac Panther OS


Work Experience


Milos Take Away Milan, Italy                                                          Summer 2004

PR and promotion work to expand

in late night catering industry


Starbucks Coffee London, Uk                                                           Summer 2002

Cash register operator, waiting tables, counter duty


Film Club Bolzano, Italy                                                                    1997-1998, 1999-2000

Organization of discussion forums,

organization of film tributes, book keeping,

PR responsibilities


Amnesty International, Minnesota U.S.A.                                       1998-1999

Volunteer work: writing letters to ambassadors

searching information on current events on the internet


Interests and Hobbies

- All types of arts:         with particular interest for modern literature, music and very good                                              knowledge of cinema

- Enology and gastronomy

- National and international politics, international economic policies